Are you just as confused as the dog above? 

He is looking for the Alpha Dog which should be YOU the owner. 
He doesn't want the role unless no one else will take it. 

You’ve finally decided to add a dog to your family. You bring your furry friend home, sign it up for an obedience class at one of the local pet stores that caters to a group of 10 dogs or more per class. After a few weeks, your dog gets a graduation certificate and a cute little picture in a graduation hat to enjoy. 

Now Fido can sit, lie down, and shake; but you still don’t feel in control. He still walks ahead on you on your walks, wakes you up for a 4am pee, jumps up when you come home, and runs out the door before you do when heading outside. 

What’s the problem? You did not learn in class, what is required of you at home.  He is confused (just like the dog above) and is looking for his owner to take control. Instead of having a calm and loving relationship with your pup, you find yourself yelling and pleading with him in complete frustration.

Does this sound like you? 

What you need to do is learn how to communicate with your dog so he understands you clearly on your requests. Your dog could have some of the Best Dog Training, Until you are trained to communicate correctly, Both of you will be confused and frustrated. 

Let's get both of you out of the doghouse!!!

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Dog Training and Behavior
Dog Training and Behavior
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